GCASH Charges 2022

Wondering how much are the fees for different transactions in GCASH? we got you! Here are the latest charges as of 2022:


ServiceFee DescriptionFee Amount
GInsure Bill Protect Insurance Coverage0.92% of the bill amount
GCash Pro 99SubscriptionPhp 99 monthly
GGivesPenalty FeesFixed Php 100 +
0.15% of the Principal Loan Amount per unpaid day
GGivesProcessing FeeFree (temporary)
Free (temporary)
GLoanPenalty FeesFixed Php 100 +
0.15% of the Principal Loan Amount per unpaid day

Lending Fee3% of the loan amount once availed
GCash PadalaSender FeesPhp 5 for Php 500
1.5% if greater than Php 500 and less than Php 5000
Cash-inOver-the-counter Cash-Ins
(7-11, Partner Outlets, Cash-in Machines)
Free for the first Php 8,000 then 2% after per month

Cash-in via 7-111% of the total cash-in amount
Note: this fee applies first, then if applicable, fees for over-the-counter cash-in apply next.
Cash-outCash-out via over-the-counter outlets (Puregold, Robinson’s, Cebuana, etc)Php 20 per Php 1000 withdrawn
Cash-outCash-out via GCash Mastercard in ATMsPhp 10 – Php 18 per withdrawal (depending on ATM)
Cash-outCash-out via GCash Mastercard in International ATMPhp 150
Bank TransferMoney Transfer to Other Banks using InstapayPhp 15 per transfer

GCash Mastercard
Card PurchasePhp 150 per card; Php 60 for the delivery fee (if delivered)
GCreditInterest Within the Billing Period5% compounded per day (cheaper if paid earlier)
GCreditPenalty FeesPhp 200 (1-30 days)
Php 500 (31-60 days)
Php 900 (61-90 days)
Php 1500 (>90 days)

Pay Bills
Biller FeesPhp 7 – Php 60 or 2% depending on biller
Balance InquiryATM ChargePhp 0 – Php 2.50 (depending on ATM)
DormancyNon-usage of GCash for 6 monthsPhp 50 every 10th day of the month