How to send money from PayPal to GCASH

Wondering how to transfer your PayPal funds into your GCASH account? We got you covered! Here are the step by step guide on how to transfer your PayPal funds into the GCASH e-wallet. HOW TO SEND MONEY FROM PAYPAL TO GCASH STEP 1: OPEN THE GCASH APP AND ENTER YOUR 4-DIGIT PIN STEP 2: ON … Read more

GCASH Bank Transfer

Got no time to go to the physical bank to deposit money? GCASH got you! A lot of people these days have no luxury of time to run their errands so they prefer online applications that can do such work without having to go outside. Aside from online banking, GCASH has been a great and … Read more

How to reload GOMO using GCASH

Out of load? GCASH got you! One of the wonderful features of GCASH is having a loading system in which we can buy load anytime and anywhere as long as you have enough amount on your GCASH wallet. This e-wallet app has been so useful especially to those people who don’t have the luxury of … Read more

GCASH Charges 2022

Wondering how much are the fees for different transactions in GCASH? we got you! Here are the latest charges as of 2022: GCASH CHARGES 2022 Service Fee Description Fee Amount GInsure Bill Protect Insurance Coverage 0.92% of the bill amount GCash Pro 99 Subscription Php 99 monthly GGives Penalty Fees Fixed Php 100 +0.15% of … Read more

How to pay NBI clearance using GCASH

An NBI Clearance is a requirement for every aspiring employees around the Philippines so it’s very important to have a copy of it. In this time of pandemic, some people want to stay and do their transactions at home in which is hassle free and convenient for all of us. GCASH is one of the … Read more

How to cash in ShopeePay using GCASH

Online shopping became one of the popular things to do especially in this time of pandemic wherein everyone prefers to stay at home instead of going to the malls to shop. Shopee is the most famous online shopping platform wherein people can find variety of products that they want in just a click away. Payment … Read more

How to load RFID Via Gcash

Toll services has improved especially during this pandemic. Almost everything are cashless and in this case, they invented RFID technology. This is a way for a smooth and contactless ride for the drivers. Since almost all of us don’t have plenty of time to go to payment centers to reload our RFID’s, we can make … Read more

How to pay Passport Fee in Gcash

Got no time to spare going to Payment Centers to pay for your passport fee? GCASH is at your back! From shopping, sending and receiving money, and even paying bills. All of these can be done with just one click away. GCASH is an electronic wallet in which we can do our everyday transactions. Hassle-Free! … Read more

How to Pay PLDT Fibr using Gcash

Paying Bills in the PLDT store or outlet centers is much of a hassle and time-consuming since you might need to line up if there are also other people who need to pay for their bills. Good thing, technology has been improving at this point in time and running errands such as paying bills can … Read more